Pooled Fund Impact

Protection support for women affected by violence in Sudan

Modesta Ndubi

“I still remember what happened. The killing, looting and burning. It makes me scared, and I find it difficult to concentrate. I keep fearing that my family will be attacked again, and I am afraid of going back,” says Fatima, who fled by violence in West Darfur.

Two months after an attack on her village, the schools remained occupied by people living in fear of further violence. Students had to travel a long way to attend their exams at Dar Elelim High Secondary School.

“I feared for my safety during my travels, but I managed to come,” explains another student, 17-year-old Safina, who lost her father and two older sisters in the violence.

Following fighting in West Darfur in July 2020, when many houses were burned to the ground, people sought refuge in schools and public buildings.

Supported by CERF through a historic $100 million allocation, partners responded with life-saving assistance, including protection monitoring and community engagement initiatives. UNHCR Protection Officers met with residents and community leaders to discuss the security situation, identify protection incidents — and ways to redress them or mitigate their effects — and, where relevant, refer them to other services.

Protection monitoring also helped to identify people who are at particular risk and link them to more specialized assistance.

The support provided to displaced people in Geneina is part of a project implemented across Darfur, South Kordofan, and the Blue Nile, targeting more than 1.7 million people in Sudan who are caught up in protracted displacement situations or, in many cases, newly displaced by local conflicts.

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