Helping mothers in remote areas get pre-natal care

Nigeria | 2023 | CBPF

Nigeria, Bama. Amina was worried. This was her first pregnancy, and she was suffering from severe abdominal pain that nothing seemed to help. She had already had to flee her home due to violence several years ago.

Fourteen years into the conflict in northeast Nigeria, the humanitarian crisis remains profound and widespread. Across Borno, Adamawa, and Yobe (BAY) states, nearly eight million people face severe protection concerns, extreme deprivation beyond their existing poverty, and daily threats to their well-being.

Access to basic services, including healthcare, can be difficult.

Like many people living in displacement, Amina at first depended on natural remedies, but these didn’t help.

With support from the Nigeria Humanitarian Fund, the Nigerian organization Albaraka Health Spring Foundation reached people in distant villages and communities with large displaced populations in Borno state.

The programme helped health workers and community volunteers to identify people, like Amina, who needed assistance and refer them to services.

Amina was able to speak with a community volunteer who connected her to a health facility in a nearby town. There she was able to receive a full check-up, counselling, and check back in for routine care.

The program also distributed mosquito nets to mothers-to-be, to reduce the risk of malaria.

Amina returned for check-ups and support throughout her pregnancy; and gave birth to a healthy baby.

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