Cash assistance helps people buy what they need

ACTED CASH team register people for multi-purpose cash assistance in Chernihiv, Northern Ukraine, May 2022. ACTED.

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Ukraine. The invasion of Ukraine has caused widespread death, destruction, displacement and suffering since last February, and left at least 17.6 million people urgently needing humanitarian assistance and protection in 2023.

They include 6.3 million who have been internally displaced, nearly 7 million who remain in their homes, and 4.4 million who have returned home. Across the country, peoples’ homes and critical civilian infrastructure have been destroyed.

It is hard to make a living – and about half of Ukrainians have seen their salaries fall, according to the Central Bank of Ukraine.

The Ukrainian Humanitarian Fund and other donors have supported ACTED to scale up their cash programme, which was operating before the war but at a much smaller scale. ACTED quickly expanded to help vulnerable people throughout Ukraine, partnering with local authorities to reach as many people as possible.

ACTED transfers money through the State savings bank (Oschadbank) and the national postal service (Ukrposhta), which are convenient for most people to access – it’s even possible to organize cash delivery to their homes.

People who register for cash assistance can redeem their cash at the local post office or bank using their identity document. ACTED provides about USD 61 per person per month in a one-off payment, to cover three months.

Getting cash to people directly allows them to buy what they need – not what someone else thinks they need – and contributes to the local economy.

For many families, repairing their homes is a priority. “Winter is coming, so now we are actively rebuilding our house to have a place to live. With the money we received, we bought windows for it,” explained Oleg, who benefited from the programme.

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