Pooled Fund impact stories
People charge their gadgets at a railway station in Kherson. OCHA/Oleksandr Ratushniak

Pooled Fund impact stories

The Pooled Funds StoryHub is a collection of stories that show the impact of the OCHA-managed pooled funds: the global Central Emergency Response Fund, the Country-based Pooled Funds, and regional funds for West and Central Africa, and Latin America and the Caribbean.

OCHA’s pooled funds help provide the world’s most vulnerable people with life-saving assistance to, thanks to contributions from national governments, foundations, and private individuals.

From emergency water for communities affected by El Niño floods in Somalia, to safe spaces for people at risk in Colombia; to helping humanitarian organizations respond to millions of people in dire need in Gaza; these human stories help illustrate how pooled fund support makes a real difference – to the lives of real people when they are dealing with severe crises.

OCHA’s Pooled Funds help our partners clear land of remnants of war in Ukraine; provide children with the resources needed to stay in school in Lebanon; and many other life-saving interventions around the world.

Highlighted stories

#OCHAthanks our donors for your generous contributions to the pooled funds.

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