Keeping vulnerable children in school

Lebanon | 2023 | CBPF

Lebanon, Tripoli. Ala’s family escaped war and sought refuge in Tripoli six years ago. She and her siblings attend public school there, and access education services at the retention assistance program, alongside other refugee children and vulnerable Lebanese.

Children’s access to education has been severely affected by the economic crisis. In December 2023, more than a quarter of families (26%) had children who are not going to school, up from 18% in April 2023. And for children who might need extra help with their core skills, private tutoring is out of reach.

Providing extra help and discovering new interests

With funding from the Lebanon Humanitarian Fund, the Lebanese organizations Al Fayhaa Association and Ana Aqra are running a “retention support” program that gives families and children tools and resources to support them staying in education.

This programme runs alongside traditional schools, and supports the children most at risk of dropping out by addressing learning loss.

Ala, who is in the eighth grade, initially did not write or speak much in class. But at the Dar Al Zahraa education centre, her teacher recognized her talent for drawing and interest in design. With her teacher encouraging her interests, Ala started to enjoy school more.

Mariam, who is in fourth grade and is Lebanese, explains, “I truly enjoy coming to the centre… I can complete my work and feel at ease.” She gets help with her homework from the public school and can get extra help when she doesn’t understand something. Her friend Duaa felt similar, “my teacher’s patience here was important to me.”

Bara’ is in first grade. He was having trouble writing and holding the pen. He did not feel confident and was falling behind his peers. At the education centre, teachers worked closely with him, giving him the time he needed to focus on his writing in a relaxed atmosphere: and he has been able to improve his skills.

Adapted from original stories from partners and the Lebanon Humanitarian Fund.

For more information: visit the Lebanon Humanitarian Fund website to find real-time contribution and allocation data on the POOLED FUNDS DATA HUB.