Cash assistance helps Yemen’s most vulnerable families

Zainab meets with a programme manager from the Relief and Development Peer Foundation. Photo: OCHA

Yemen | 2023 | CBPF

Yemen, Al Bayda. After the displacement, we were surviving on one meal a day,” explains Zainab, a mother of five. She lives in a displacement site in As Sawadiyah district in Al Bayda governorate, having fled her home in 2017.

Six years on, life remains difficult. The family still lives in a tent, which is well-worn and was never meant to serve as long-term shelter.

Zainab wakes up every morning early to collect plastic bottles to wash and re-sell. It provides a meager addition to the other assistance she receives, but it helps.

With funding from the Yemen Humanitarian Fund, Relief and Development Peer Foundation provided cash transfers aimed to help Zeinab and 500 vulnerable families, to improve their food security.

The cash can be used however people wish, giving them the flexibility to buy what they need – like food, household goods, or home repairs – or to settle debts.

The YHF has emerged as a critical source of direct funding for Yemeni organizations, with 43% of funding allocated to national frontline responders in 2022, nearly double the previous year’s percentage, and 41.33% so far in 2023.

Adapted from original stories from Relief and Development Peer Foundation and the Yemen Humanitarian Fund.

For more information: visit the Yemen Humanitarian Fund web site and find real-time contribution and allocation data on the POOLED FUNDS DATA HUB.