Clean water on tap for displaced families

Clean water is now available for the displaced families. IOM.

Ukraine | 2023 | CERF

Ukraine, Dnipro. Yulia fled bombs in Lysychansk with her daughter Alisa. They arrived at a collective shelter in Dnipro. “On 29 March, a bomb fell near our house… all we could bring was a pram for Alisa and two bags, one with clothes and the other with nappies. We don’t have anything else here.”

A single parent, Yulia managed her household alone back home. But the war presented new expenses and challenges. “In Dnipro, I used to spend UAH 15 (roughly half a dollar) per day for a large bottle of water. You may not think it’s that much money. But if you take into account all the monthly expenses, it really is,” says Yulia.

Life in the shelter isn’t easy. “We were the first to arrive and it was difficult getting to know people here. But now we all know each other; there are always children playing together,” explains Yulia, sitting in the small bedroom where she sleeps with Alisa and her mother.  The walls are covered with pictures of her time in Dnipro. “We couldn’t take any photos with us from home, so I’ve taken as many as possible to make new memories.”

Things changed when the International Organization for Migration (IOM) – with funding from the Ukraine Humanitarian Fund and other donors – installed a water treatment unit at the centre to provide safe drinking water.

This simple change brought freedom and comfort. “Alisa and I can drink when we want to; we can make tea, wash our vegetables, etc. Before I had to walk long distances to buy the jugs, often in the rain or heat, but now I just need to step out of the room,” says Yulia.

IOM’s Water, Sanitation and Hygiene programme will also provide a washing machine, hygiene kits and other items for the people now living in the centre, and make small repairs to the kitchen and showers.

Life is not as comfortable as back home, where Yulia ran a small clothing store, but her priorities are clear. “We are now preparing for the school year. That’s our main concern. We know it will be online, but we’re still waiting for more information.”

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