Generators ensure Ukranians’ access to healthcare

Generators delivered to Kharkiv allowed hospitals to continue functioning. UNOPS/Yurii Veres.

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Kharkiv Ukraine. According to the World Health Organization, there had been more than 260 verified attacks on health facilities at the 100-day mark of the conflict in Ukraine. These attacks resulted in substantial damage to Ukraine’s healthcare infrastructure.

With funding from the Ukraine Humanitarian Fund, UNOPS procured over 100 diesel electric generators and worked closely with Ukraine’s Ministry of Health to identify and deliver the generators to the hospitals and clinics that needed them the most.

The generators ensure hospitals have an independent source of energy if they are cut off from the national energy grid.

They are thus critical to ensuring people in Ukraine can get the health care they need.

“The […] generators received from the United Nations will allow the operation of two hospital buildings at once,” said Dmytro Dmytryshyn, Deputy Chief Physician at Svitlovodsk Central District Hospital, which received two generators.

“This is extremely important for maintaining our energy stability, especially given the martial law imposed,” he added.

The Emergency Aid and Disaster Medicine Center in Kharkiv is the region’s central structure supporting the operation of ambulance teams.

Around 200 ambulances cover the entire region, responding to calls from citizens. Viktor Zabashta, the Center’s director, noted:

“We have received three generators. One of them has been stationed at the Center’s administrative premises, while the others have been allocated to our ambulance stations. Uninterrupted electricity supply is key to our work: we need a power source to support our dispatch services, Telecard system for gathering cardiographic data and GPS tracking for calls and vehicles movement, communication between the central office and the ambulance teams. Much of the equipment in use is electrical and needs to be recharged regularly, which is what the generators at ambulance stations allow to do.”

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