Direct cash transfers help vulnerable families

Bureau des plaintes (complaints office) at Dele Lengabo. OCHA.

DRC | 2023 | CBPF

DRC, Irumu territory. People in the Democratic Republic of Congo are dealing with a complex displacement crisis driven by chronic conflict. What that means in reality is that across the country, 26.4 million people – or one Congolese in four – are severely food insecure, despite the impressive agricultural potential of the land.

Armed conflicts and gross human rights violations, including sexual violence and grave violations against children, continue to push millions of people to seek safety and security away from their homes: 5.7 million people are internally displaced, the highest number on the African continent.

With the support of the DRC Humanitarian Fund, Solidarités International provided direct cash transfers to more than 6,000 displaced families in the Irumu territory of Ituri province in the northeast. Forced to leave their homes due to resurgent armed violence, the cash transfers allowed families to cover necessities like food or school fees.

Solidarités put protection and accountability at the centre of the response. “They informed us how to feed back to them about the project, and told us that if we had complaints, we could approach the committee directly. This is the first time an NGO has come to talk to us in this way, and it was useful that they explained it to the whole village,” said Jacques, an honorary community chief.

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