Emergency cash helps a father support his family

Cash assistance allows families to make their own decisions. Norwegian Afghanistan Committee.

Afghanistan | 2021 | CBPF

Afghanistan, Badakhshan province. Living in a remote village affected by drought and COVID-19, Abdul lost his sight as a child. He has nine children. “When [an] avalanche hit [in 2021], I lost my farmland partially,” he says. His only source of income was farming.

To cope with the situation, Abdul had to buy cheaper food, reduce the family’s daily meals, and borrow money from friends and relatives. He also sent two of his sons, still children, to work.

The Norwegian Afghanistan Committee (NAC) has more than 40 years working in Afghanistan and 30 years in Badakhshan province. Supported by a grant from the Afghanistan Humanitarian Fund (AHF),  their project visited Abdul’s family and almost 250 other families, to provide them with cash assistance.

“This assistance saved the lives and livelihood of my family during this harsh and lean season and shall meet my needs for a few months.” He explained that he reduced his reliance on loans from friends and family – and, most importantly, his sons were able to stop working.

He is hopeful that he will be able to put his children in school again and support them to continue their education. Also, he is optimistic about the upcoming harvest season and new opportunities.


More information on the Afghanistan Humanitarian Fund https://www.unocha.org/afghanistan/about-ahf