Enabling legal solutions to return home

South Sudan | 2021 | CBPF

South Sudan, Upper Nile state. In 2021, after fleeing violence years earlier, John was ready to return to his home. However, he found out that another family was living in his house – and they refused to leave.

Access to land and property is a seriously contested issue in Upper Nile in South Sudan. Years of conflict and violence have weakened the judicial system and there are limited services available to support claims.

Many families no longer have official papers on their land or property, lost either during displacement or damaged through the years of living in cramped settlements.

John’s case is only one out of thousands. With the South Sudan Humanitarian Fund, Humanitarian and Development Consortium, in partnership with the Danish Refugee Council helped John and others like him with Legal Aid Clinics. The clinics educated people on their legal rights, and provided legal counselling on specific issues and legal administrative assistance when required.

Addressing the land issue is key to supporting continued peace in Upper Nile, helping families rebuild their lives and communities to recover from conflict.

Not knowing how to resolve this issue on his own, John approached a Legal Aid Clinic, where he learned of his rights and was given financial support and advice to help resolve the case. As the current occupant had made several renovations to the house, part of the resolution was to compensate him for this work.

“I am now able to move back into my home safely and with dignity, without fear of violence as the dispute was settled peacefully and according to recognized laws.” John said.


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