Enhancing accessibility: support for people with disabilities in Lebanon


Lebanon | 2023 | CBPF

Lebanon, Akkar. Moussa, 24, was born with paraplegia. Paralysis below the waist affects his legs and hips. Moussa lives in Akkar, North Lebanon with his mother and sisters. Until recently, their home lacked special adaptations that would help make his life easier.

Life is not easy right now. Lebanon has been experiencing a severe economic crisis since 2019, resulting in a widespread deterioration of living conditions, with many families struggling to make ends meet and unable to afford basic necessities such as food, shelter, and healthcare.  Akkar is an agricultural area that has been deeply affected by Lebanon’s ongoing economic crisis. Life is even harder for Moussa’s family, as they struggle to find decent jobs.

With funding from the Lebanon Humanitarian Fund, local organization Nusaned made improvements at Moussa’s house to make his life easier. This included weather-proofing the doors, windows, and ceiling to withstand the cold winter conditions. In addition, an accessible bar was installed in the bathroom.
“This makes a big difference to my independence,” Moussa explained.  And his whole family will be healthier with these improvements before the winter.

In Lebanon, people with disabilities like Moussa are particularly vulnerable, as they often face additional barriers to accessing services and opportunities. Nusaned’s project supports 700 families like Moussa’s with food vouchers, water and sanitation supplies and shelter rehabilitation in six villages in Akkar District.

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