Ensuring access to COVID testing and treatment

Afghanistan | 2021 | CBPF

Afghanistan. One day in July 2021, Mohammed Hussein felt weak, with fever body ache and dry cough. “It didn’t take long for my symptoms to become quite severe.”

His brother had heard about COVID-19 symptoms through the WHO’s campaigns and rushed Hussain to the Jalalabad COVID-19 unit.

Once admitted, Hussain was tested and confirmed positive for COVID-19 within a day and a half.

Within a few hours of being admitted, his oxygen levels dropped, and his fever worsened. He spent time in the ICU, where his condition was stabilized.

With a full recovery, Hussain returned home after a few weeks. “COVID-19 is real. I have been there, and it is not easy.”

Funding from the Afghanistan Humanitarian Fund supported WHO’s activities, including awareness-raising campaigns (like the one Hussain’s brother heard); training for health care professionals (including in the Jalalabad ward where Hussain was treated), and expanding laboratories across the country for testing.


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