Ensuring sanitation facilities are safe for women and children

The newly built latrines are assessed by the project team. Photo: ACTED

Somalia | 2023 | CBPF

Somalia, Baidoa district. Khadija is a mother of seven, living in Arsham displacement camp. She fled Bahkool region for many reasons. First, the ongoing drought devastated her crops. And second, numerous conflicts made it dangerous to stay there.

The displacement camp wasn’t much better. There was only one latrine and people were forced to go outdoors to relieve themselves. Like many of the other mothers, Khadjia was worried about her children’s health. She also felt unsafe at night, as she explained.

“In the past, women have faced violence at night. This was made worse because it was so dark.”

The longest and most severe drought seen in Somalia in at least 40 years has affected millions and driven further displacement in the country. The Somalia Humanitarian Fund allocated US$46 million in 2023 to scale up life-saving response.

With funding from the Somalia Humanitarian Fund, Acted constructed four new latrines in the camp, equipped with hand washing facilities and solar lights as well. The lights make a real difference to safety.

“Now that we have the solar lights installed, things have improved. We can see better and we feel safer.”

Original story: adapted from article by Acted

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