Getting children back to school safely

Students play with puzzles from the recreational kit. CARE International.

Yemen | 2022 | CBPF

Yemen. Over two million children are out of school in Yemen because of poverty, conflict, or lack of resources. More than a third of the schools are damaged or otherwise unfit for learning. Even when schooling is available, resources are severely lacking, and teachers are frustrated.

Funding from the Yemen Humanitarian Fund supported access to better quality education for the most vulnerable children.

“I’ve been teaching first- and second-grade students for nearly eight years,” says Sawsan Ali Hussein, an elementary school teacher from the Sarar district in Abyan governorate. “We used to follow outdated teaching methods based on rote learning, which involves just memorizing and repeating information to many students crammed in a small classroom. The younger children used to get frustrated and struggle in this environment. I tried to upgrade my teaching skills to provide better education and psychological support for my students, but I didn’t know where to start.”

Sawsan was one of sixty teachers and administrators who received training on modern teaching methods, and on psychosocial support through a YHF-supported CARE International project. Her school also benefited from newly constructed classrooms.

With her new skills, and some new materials, Sawsan was seeing a difference in her students, “Using interactive teaching methods and the materials in the recreational kits has helped students develop their vocabulary and reading fluency.”

Tamdeen Youth Foundation and CARE International – with YHF support – rehabilitated five schools that serve conflict-affected families and their host communities. The project bought children essential school supplies – backpacks, notebooks, pencils and the like. It also trained teachers in new skills and psychosocial support.

Lena didn’t attend school at the start of the year because she didn’t have supplies – her parents couldn’t afford them. Once she had received a backpack and stationery, she joined her classmates. “School is wonderful. The first grade is where I am now. I go to school every day,” says Lina.

The director of Al Noor School in Bani Bukary sub-district explained that the recreation kits provided in the project – full of games and activities – were exciting for students and motivated them to come to school. “The recreational and school bags have contributed to motivating children to learn, especially from the first grade to the third grade,” noted Hussein Bajash.

Other YHF projects, for example with NFDHR helped repair classrooms and bathrooms in damaged schools, to make sure children can learn safely and access clean water during the school day.

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