Health care for mothers and children who fled violence

Central African Republic|2021|CBPF

CAR, Etomane IDP site. “Our house was burnt down.When we fled, we lost everything. I don’t know in which direction my husband left,” says Amina, age 23, who fled violence in her hometown.

“I found refuge at the Etomane site with my son. As I was pregnant, I received assistance from Médecins du Monde France. I could undergo prenatal consultations, received care and was able todo some tests before the birth. Everything was free. My baby was born premature at seven and a half months. He is still under medical supervision at the health centre in Ippy,” says Amina.

Over 602,000 Central Africans are currently internally displaced, while 738,000 others have sought refuge in neighboring countries, fleeing violent clashes that have lasted for more than a decade. The CAR Humanitarian Fund supported 54 projects in 2021, including the health project that Amina and her baby accessed.

Life is not easy in Etomane. “Conditions are difficult,” says a Abella. “We have many needs, but at least health care is something less to worry about.”

Names have been changed.

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