Heating and other essentials for the cold winter

Winterization activities supported by the SHF in Rural Damascus. Sevim Turkmani

Syria | 2023 | CBPF

Syria, Quneitra governorate. Twenty-eight-year-old Mariam smiled as she opened the door to her home: “Finally, someone new has come to visit.” While it was cold outside, she settled in with a visitor to chat next to the house’s warm heater.

Mariam, her brother Ahmad and wife and children were displaced for five years, but have recently been able to return to their village of Um Batna in Quneitra Governorate. Although they were happy to come back, they were heartbroken to see the damage their house suffered during the war. Another sibling provided them with a place to stay until they made the needed repairs to move back safely into their original home.

Mariam has cerebral palsy. It affects her speech and cognition. The displacement, and the deaths of her elderly parents in recent years have affected her a lot, too. Her brother Ahmed is working two jobs to support the family – on a farm, and in a sweet factory. She lives with him and his family.

One of the family’s biggest challenges is preparing for the cost of surviving the winter comfortably and healthily. Diesel isn’t available in the market so they rely on firewood to heat the house.  ZOA organization, with support from the Syria Humanitarian Fund, provided the family with a heater as well as olive pomace to fuel the heater, as well as warm clothes for the children. Ahmed explained this help was essential for the family’s comfort, health and safety last winter.

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