Helping children living with disability

Nour with his mother and baby brother. Photo: OCHA

Sudan | 2024 | CBPF

Sudan, Blue Nile. Noureldin contracted polio when he was younger. His father, Elnour, explained, “We didn’t know much about his condition, and we were also struggling economically, so we weren’t able to properly attend to it. Unfortunately, as a result, Noureldin is living with a physical disability.” 

Noureldin cannot walk and can use only one arm. “When I was younger, my mother used to help me. But now that I’m grown up, she is not able to do that anymore.”

Elnour, Noureldin, and the rest of their family had to flee fighting in Khartoum and went to try to find safety in Ed Damazine, the capital of Blue Nile. Like many vulnerable displaced people across Sudan, Elnour is struggling to provide for his family. He is a daily-wage earner, so he couldn’t afford to buy Noureldin a wheelchair. 

“I would barely leave the house,” says Noureldin. “It was too difficult to crawl on the rocky and muddy ground, and I preferred to stay at home. One day I fell and hurt my ear and the left side of my face,” he adds, showing the scar on his face and head. 

A Sudan Humanitarian Fund-supported project, implemented with Save the Children, AlSalam Organization for Rehabilitation, and the Child Development Fund aims to reach children with disability who have been affected by the fighting.

As part of the project, a Community-Based Child Protection Network is reaching out to support families with children living with disability.

“[One of our community leaders] came to our house to ask after Noureldin,” says Elnour. After that, they received a wheelchair for Noureldin, as well as some food and household items to help the rest of the family.

“It changed everything for me and my family. Now I can finally go outside and enjoy time with my friends,” he said, adding that he goes to the nearby child-friendly space supported by Save the Children and plays with his peers.

“I come here with my brothers, and we play with other children. It’s great!” Noureldin said. 

Meanwhile, Elnour hopes that his family will not be displaced again: “Millions of people are currently fleeing from conflict in Khartoum, Darfur, and other states. Until now, our area has been relatively safe. We pray every day that it remains calm and that the rest of Sudan can return to peace.”

February 2024

Adapted from OCHA Sudan’s original story.

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