Helping people in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake

Hassoun and his citrus plants. Photo: OCHA

Syria | 2023 | CBPF

Maskanah, Rural Aleppo, Syria. Hassoun Al-Aboud knows the struggle of living without clean water.

After the earthquake in February 2023, damaged pipes left him and his neighbours without running water. With eleven children to care for, Hassoun was deeply worried.

“Getting water was a huge challenge,” Hassoun says. He had to travel long distances and pay exorbitant prices just to keep his family safe. Even then, the water he bought still had to be purified.

With funding from the Syria Humanitarian Fund, ZOA has repaired and replaced the community’s water pipeline. “This work has made a big difference. Now, clean water flows right to my house.”

Hassan’s family can drink without worrying, and it’s much easier to take care of his lemon and orange trees.

Repairs are making homes safer

The earthquake destroyed and damaged thousands of homes.

“It was the first time in my life that I’d experienced something as strong as this,” explained Mustafa, a retired teacher who lives with his wife in Aleppo.

The earthquake cracked his walls, but even so, his house provided refuge for two of his married children and their families who have had to sell their homes because of the economic crisis here.

With SHF funding, NGO Secours Islamique France helped repair the house so that the family can feel safer and more secure – together.

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