Helping with the basics, when nowhere feels like home

Qasim remembers planting his own fields. Photo: OCHA

Yemen | 2023 | CBPF

Yemen, Al-Habeel displacement site. Ali Maqbool felt safe in Herad, his hometown in the north of Yemen.


But eight years ago, when the fighting came there, he had to flee with his wife and daughters. They still carry the heavy memory of walking in the hot sun for days.


And in 2017, they had to run again – and for the second time, taking nothing with them, they had to start over.


Since 2017, Ali and his family have lived in Al Habeel displacement site. With funding from the Yemen Humanitarian Fund, the Norwegian Refugee Council supported people in Al Habeel with shelter, basic household supplies and water and sanitation.  NRC also provided cash assistance, allowing Ali to purchase the items his family needed.


Many families have been displaced several times because of the fighting in Yemen.


Rebuilding their lives in a new place is difficult. Qasim, who fled conflict in his hometown to reach Om Hurez in Lahj governorate, explains that “Being moved from one place to another isn’t a simple matter. However, I tried to adapt to this new area.”


However, Qasim explains, the fear is still palpable. “The hardest part about being displaced is fearing that you might die by going back to your hometown…”


With YHF support, the Danish Refugee Council worked to provide shelter, latrines, and basic supplies to families like Qasim’s in Om Hurez. They also helped people who, like Qasim, had lost their official documents in many moves. These documents are critical to access healthcare and education – and, equally importantly, to work. 


For Qasim, the uncertainty remains. “I once had a house and farm, where we grew fruit. I cant be  not certain that  such days will ever come back.”


Ali, Qasim, and so many of their neighbours wish to return home to rebuild their lives.


Adapted from original stories from Danish Refugee Council and the Yemen Humanitarian Fund.


For more information: visit the Yemen Humanitarian Fund web site and find real-time contribution and allocation data on the POOLED FUNDS DATA HUB.