Help for children living with disability

Nerfan at one of her physiotherapy appointments. Photo: HI

Yemen | 2023 | CBPF

Yemen, Al Makha. When Nerfan* was four, she was diagnosed with a specific type of cerebral palsy that affects her whole body. Her mother took her to Ta’iz to seek treatment and therapy, but the high costs were not manageable for her family.

After nine years of conflict, sustained economic deterioration and diminished public services, dire levels of humanitarian need continue across Yemen. Over 18.2 million people, or around 53 per cent of the population, are estimated to need humanitarian assistance.

Back home in Al Makha, Nerfan’s mother heard about a programme run by the Humanity and Inclusion (HI) organization. With funding from the Yemen Humanitarian Fund, the aim was to reach children like Nerfan with the specialized services they need.

Mohammed, a physiotherapist with the program, met Nerfan once a week. Working with a ‘baby walker Nerfan was able to learn to walk on her own, with only minimal support.

HI also provided Nerfan and her mother with a full package of services, including psycho-social sessions, as well as the physiotherapy.

Nerfan’s mother was grateful to see her child making progress. “Before, these services weren’t available here.”

Remarkably, Nerfan’s achievements did not stop there. With each session, her ability to stand and walk improved, and Mohammad was optimistic about her continued progress. The transformation was not only physical. Nerfan’s newfound ability to move and walk with balance made her more confident, independent and eager to explore.

*Names have been changed.

More information from the Yemen Humanitarian Fund.