Education opportunities are transforming young lives

Kellu at school. Photo: GPON

Nigeria | 2023 | CBPF

Nigeria, Monguno, Borno State. After being displaced from her home in 2015, Kellu Angoshe’s dream was to return to school.

Originally from Marte Local Government Authority (LGA) in Borno State, Kellu, her parents and six siblings, were forced to relocate due to the insurgency.

They moved to Monguno LGA and settled in the Government Girls Secondary School (GGSS) camp. Access to formal education was limited in the camp. Kellu’s only option was to attend a distant ‘mega school’, which was difficult for her because of her physical disability.

Kellu represents many girls and boys in north-east Nigeria, who are unable to stay in school due to conflict, displacement and Covid. The humanitarian crisis in north-east Nigeria remains dire. Across Borno, Adamawa, and Yobe (BAY) states, over 7.9 million people face severe protection concerns, extreme deprivation beyond existing poverty levels, and daily threats to their well-being. The severity and complexity of affected people’s needs have not diminished.

Hope knocks at Kellu’s door

Fortunately, lady luck smiled on Kellu in January 2023 when through the door-to-door approach, she was selected and enrolled in the accelerated basic education programme implemented by GoalPrime Organisation (GPON) with funding from the Nigeria Humanitarian Fund (NHF).

Through the programme, children who have fallen behind in their studies due to conflict and displacement have an opportunity to catch up.  Kellu received a complete enrolment kit containing a school bag, uniforms, sandals, pens, pencils, books, stockings, and an eraser: all vital for her educational journey. In addition, the programme’s psychosocial support (PSS) activities and social-emotional learning (SEL) helped Kellu transform from a shy and reserved young girl to an active participant in school activities.

“My classmates and I wrote a song to encourage other children to return to school,” Kellu said excitedly. The song was part of the GPON Monguno back-to-school campaign and helped them express their joy at being able to study again.

Kellu also actively participated in the Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) sessions for adolescent girls, providing them with the knowledge and supplies they need to manage their menstruation safely and with dignity. At the end of the sessions, the girls get an MHM kit containing reusable sanitary pads, washing and bathing soap, underwear, a menstrual calendar, a hair comb, a toothbrush, slippers, toothpaste, and educational materials on menstrual health and hygiene.

A role model emerges

Her passion for learning has seen Kellu excel academically while her participation in various activities has made her a role model for her peers to emulate. “Kellu’s progress has been remarkable, and it is inspiring to see her do really well and grow in confidence,” noted one of her teachers.

Kellu’s story is a testament to the positive impact of the accelerated basic education programmes. When vulnerable young girls are provided with education and life skills these will help them throughout their lives.

Allocations from the OCHA-managed Nigeria Humanitarian Fund are helping partners like GPON to deliver truly life-changing programmes for vulnerable displaced people in north-east Nigeria’s BAY States.

For more information: visit the Nigeria Humanitarian Fund web site, and for real-time contribution and allocation data go to the Pooled Funds Data Hub.