Lifesaving malaria treatment reaches the unreachable 

Refugee,s irrigation scam in Melkadida Somali region of Ethiopia.

Ethiopia | 2023 | CBPF

Ethiopia, Somali region. In the remote town of Filtu in the Somali Region, a group of dedicated healthcare professionals embarked on a mission to provide essential medical services to people living in hard-to-reach areas, like Jibal. 

Malaria is endemic to the country, with almost 1.4 million malaria cases reported in the first half of 2023. In the rainy season – which began in September 2023 – cases are increasing.

There is currently a critical gap in malaria response. When combined with poor nutrition and other exacerbating factors, there is a potential for a high mortality rate.

In this isolated part of Somali region, where access to healthcare is very limited, many pastoralists face the life-threatening burden of Plasmodium falciparum malaria.

Thanks to the “Integrated Multi-Sectoral Emergency Responses to Drought Affected Population in Somali Region” project, funded by the Ethiopia Humanitarian Fund, local organization Doctors with Africa CUAMM set up a mobile health and nutrition team base in Filtu to respond.

Adan Mohamed Diriye, a pastoralist who met the team, had been battling the debilitating effects of malaria.  The MHNT was able to administer antimalarial medications to treat Adan’s infection and his recovery became a beacon of hope for the community.

Adan’s recovery had major impact for others too, leading to increased community awareness about malaria prevention and creating a demand for accessible healthcare services.

 The case – and the work of the mobile health and nutrition team – became a turning point, not only for Adan and his family, but for an entire community.

Original story: adapted from original article by Doctors with Africa CUAAM

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