Medicines and critical supplies for overstretched clinics

At the clinic in Halanaga neighbourhood, Kassala. Photo: CARE

Sudan | 2024 | CBPF

Sudan, Kassala. Like many families, Nahid and her children fled the fighting and are now sheltering in a school, along with hundreds of other people.

“Three of my five kids became very sick after the long and hard journey fleeing the fighting in Aj Jazirah. When we arrived here in this school in Kassala, they were coughing badly and had a high fever. I had no money to take them to the doctor and I did not know what to do,” said Nahid, a 35-year-old mother.

Another woman sheltering at the same school advised her to take the children to a nearby clinic, supported by CARE International.

“At the clinic in Halanaga neighbourhood, a doctor examined my kids and advised me to do some tests. My children were given medication after that and I am grateful that it was all free,” explained Nahid. 

The clinic here is receiving new medical equipment, drugs and supplies as part of a Care International project funded by the Sudan Humanitarian Fund.

They are providing displaced people and host communities with life-saving health services – including nutrition, immunization, and family planning – through four health facilities, two each in Kassala and New Halfa.   

“The new wave of displacement into Kassala from Gezira state has put an additional burden on the already overstretched health services here, and the number of patients we serve at the CARE Sudan-supported health clinics has doubled. The humanitarian needs are unprecedented, and we urgently need more resources to expand our services and reach more people,” Ahmed, who works with CARE, explained. 

Osman, a 65-year-old man from Aj Jazirah pointed out that the facility is clean and he was pleased with the health services he had been offered. “I have been diabetic for years and while travelling along the unpaved road to Kassala I felt very unwell. I was not able to visit the doctor as I had no money. But when I arrived in Kassala, my brother took me to this clinic in Halanaga and was treated for free,” he said.

January 2024

Adapted from OCHA Sudan’s original story.For more information: visit the Sudan Humanitarian Fund and find real-time contribution and allocation data on the POOLED FUNDS DATA HUB.