Mothers in rural areas get mental and physical health care

Yemen | 2022 | CBPF

Yemen, Hadhramaut governorate. More than 21 million people need humanitarian help in Yemen. Basic services are inadequate across the country and 4.5 million people have been displaced by the conflict – 450,000 of them just in 2022.

It’s especially difficult in rural areas. In 2022 Majani, 20, was pregnant for the first time. She lives in a remote part of Al Shihr district, where the nearest health centre is a difficult journey away.

For people living in displacement sites or, like Majani, in rural areas, health care is increasingly difficult to obtain. And, as the food insecurity and nutrition crisis deepens, more than half the population is threatened by hunger.

For all these reasons, Majani, who had earlier fled fighting, had a lot of anxiety about her pregnancy. She was able to get psychological support through protection services offered by the Human Access organization, with funding from the Yemen Humanitarian Fund. Through mobile health teams, the same project was able to offer her, and other pregnant women, access to a doctor and a midwife in their area, when it came time to give birth.

Majani delivered a healthy baby boy, and mobile health services were available throughout the following weeks to check on them both.

With health services weak throughout the country – and in some rural areas, like Majani’s, completely absent – such help was critical to ensuring baby and mother had a solid start.

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