Rehabilitation of damaged homes

Zeinab fled her village when it was bombed. Now, she will be able to repair her house. NRC.

‍Yemen | 2021 | CBPF

Yemen, Ta’iz. Zainab was born and raised in a village in Ta’iz’s As Silw district. When her husband died, twenty years ago, she became the head of the household. She raised goats and worked at a farm to support her children.

It wasn’t always easy, but she managed to put food on the table. Three years ago, Zainab fled her home when her village was bombed. Many buildings were damaged, including her home.

“I wasn’t home when my house was hit. A neighbor called to say that it was damaged.” Next door, a whole family was killed in the attack.

Zainab moved to the capital, Sana’a, where her son had lived for over a year. But as soon as she could, she returned to her village, even though her house was still damaged.

With financial support from the Yemen Humanitarian Fund, the Norwegian Refugee Council helped 75 families in her area return home. They rehabilitated damaged homes to help people who could not otherwise afford the repairs.

“When I heard an NGO was ready to help me repair my home, I was delighted.”

NRC also provided essential home items like mattresses, blankets, and kitchen tools to help families return home, and restart their lives.


More information on the Yemen Humanitarian Fund: