Reviving healthcare for a vulnerable community

Yemen | 2022 | YHF

Yemen, Ma’arib governorate. The war has destroyed or disrupted hospitals and clinics throughout Yemen. Many people cannot access essential health services. Eight years in, the crisis in Yemen remains severe, and over 21 million people need humanitarian assistance. The conflict has displaced 4.5 million people, over 230,000 of them in 2022 alone.

In Sirwah area, Al-Raql Health Center had to close six years ago because of the fighting. Most of the people the health centre served had already fled their homes. And the center’s closure meant people were unable to receive medical services or easily access essential medicines.

Economic collapse, increased poverty and the breakdown of national social protection systems are all consequences of this drawn-out conflict. And basic services for people from the public health system are inadequate across the country, limited by damaged infrastructure, or  lack of critical supplies and staff.

In January 2022, the Relief and Development Organization – with funding from the Yemen Humanitarian Fund – responded by implementing a joint health and nutrition project for the most vulnerable people in the area served by Al-Raql.

At the same time, the project funded repairs to the health center’s damaged buildings, medical equipment and furniture, and a new waste disposal incinerator, which is essential for safe operations. Health services became operational again by July 2022, and now the project is treating almost 50 patients a day with different health needs, and Al Raql Health Center is again able to serve this community.

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