Safe spaces for women in Lebanon

UNFPA Lebanon

Lebanon | 2022 | CBPF

Lebanon, Beirut. Sana, a 32-year-old mother of two, says Lebanon’s devastating economic crisis has taken a heavy toll on her family life. She has been unsuccessful in finding work to support her family. She blames the economic crisis – which has left about a third of the population unemployed – as well as her partial hearing impairment.

Suffering from severe mental health issues following the economic crisis and unable to earn a living, in 2022 Sana sought help at a CERF-funded safe space provided by UNFPA. After attending multiple sessions, Sana was able to speak out openly about her mental health issues and economic concerns. “I became less worried and felt more capable and confident,” she said.

CERF funding enabled UNFPA to support two safe spaces in northern Lebanon that promote women’s empowerment, and prevent and respond to GBV. The centres provide comprehensive services for 4,500 vulnerable Lebanese and Palestinian refugees.

Sana was also given cash assistance to support her family. “This month, I was finally able to buy vegetables and ingredients to prepare their favorite meals,” she said, adding that she was able to pay for educational support for her children. “It is a heavy weight off my shoulders knowing that I am at ease with my family,” Sana said.

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