Safe water for communities affected by conflict

The new water tower. Photo: OCHA

Yemen | 2023 | CBPF

Yemen, Al Taif district. When Ali fled his home in conflict-affected Hodeida four years ago, he expected to find safety for his family.

Unfortunately, the conflict followed him – the town where they sought shelter was completely cut off from supplies. There was no diesel, and in time the water pumping system and tanks broke down.

The family had to wake up early and go to a well thirty minutes away. And even this well sometimes had no water. “People got sick because of the lack of clean water. It was a hard life,” Ali explains.

With funding from the Yemen Humanitarian Fund, UN-Habitat provided emergency water and sanitation services to displaced people like Ali in Ad-Durayhimi and Bayt al Faqih districts. The project improved water and sanitation for host communities and the displaced people sheltering there.

UN-Habitat rehabilitated eight critical water sources, installing solar-powered pumping, improved pipes, and better water testing kits.

People in the community learned how to manage and repair the new facilities, and a group of women were trained in hygiene practices so they could in turn share information with their peers.

“Now with the improved latrines and water, things have improved tremendously. People’s privacy is restored and our community is much cleaner,” Ali explains.

Adapted from original stories from UN-Habitat and the Yemen Humanitarian Fund.

For more information: visit the Yemen Humanitarian Fund web site and find real-time contribution and allocation data on the POOLED FUNDS DATA HUB.