Sharing accurate information about COVID-19 and the vaccine

Pakistan | 2021 | CERF

Pakist‍an, Kohat refugee camps. As part of the maternal, newborn, and child health and psychological services provided to Afghan refugee communities, free medical camps were arranged in camps in Kohat. The clinics provide free maternal health care. CHEF International, supported by the Pakistan Humanitarian Pooled Fund (PHPF), held awareness sessions on COVID-19 and the vaccine to support the country-wide vaccination campaign.

At a community awareness session in Ghulam Banda Afghan Refugee Camp in Kohat, NGO CHEF International held a community awareness session. There, they met Zahra, who had not yet been vaccinated against the virus. As a breastfeeding mother, she was worried about getting vaccinated, particularly that it could be dangerous for her child.

She met with a psychologist from the program who gave her information about the risks of COVID-19, its spread, symptoms and prevention.

She also learned about inaccurate rumors – including the one she had heard about the vaccine not being safe for breastfeeding mothers. Perhaps most importantly, she had the chance to meet other mothers who had recently been vaccinated, speak with them about their decision, and see the health outcomes for them and their children.

That session helped wipe out Zahra’s misconceptions and rumors about the COVID-19 vaccine. After that, she was ready to be vaccinated against the deadly virus. She was referred to Basic Health Unit (BHU) Ghulam Banda Vaccination Center, where her first dose of vaccination was administered.

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