Women and girls living in displacement can access essential supplies

A woman carries the dignity kit from the distribution. Photo: NOFYL.

Somalia | 2023 | CBPF

Somalia, Alle Suge displacement site.  When you have to flee your home,  there may not be enough time to grab essentials.

With support from the Somalia Humanitarian Fund, women and girls in the Deynille displacement camp were able to obtain dignity kits from NoFYL, a Somali organization.

These include soap, underwear, and a shawl, as well as menstrual supplies.

“Everything here is useful,” said Muuno. “Even the bag was handy for shopping at the market.”

For Ramlo and her adolescent daughter, “the menstrual pads were the best things. Previously we had to use old clothes or fabric. I’m happy that will change.”

Like many girls who can’t afford supplies, Qeyro was missing school when she had her period, as she couldn’t afford sanitary products. The kit makes a difference. “It helped me feel more like myself again. It’s made my life a little bit easier.”

NoFYL brought groups of women and girls together to talk about reproductive health and gender-based violence. They also discussed how to use the various menstruation supplies.

Safiya says, “I realized I had been using some items in the wrong way, so this was useful. But it would be even better to involve us before the distribution so that they know the type of items we require. I would have loved to see shoes and Hijab included in the kits,” she added.

Adapted from an original story from NoFYL.

For more information: visit the Somalia Humanitarian Fund web site, and find real-time contribution and allocation data on the POOLED FUNDS DATA HUB.