World Toilet Day: Humanitarian Fund supports improved sanitation in DRC

DRC | 2023 | CBPF

DRC, Ituri province. Georgine Loza Mudzi was reluctant to return home. She knew her house had been destroyed and all her possessions looted in recent fighting.

In June 2023, humanitarian organizations declared a ‘system-wide scale up to their response in Ituri and North and South Kivu, due to increasing humanitarian need. The scale-up aims to strengthen the ongoing humanitarian response, with a focus on food scarcity, protection and the spread of disease, including those caused by poor sanitation.

After a year of displacement, life was still very difficult for Georgine and her family, who are among the 7.8 million people with the highest humanitarian needs in DRC. She and her husband couldn’t afford the children’s school fees in their place of displacement, and neither of them could find work. Their fields and other property had been left behind in their home location.

That is why they decided to return.

“Eleven months ago, we decided to return to our village, despite the fact that the security situation is still not entirely reassuring,”Georgine explained.

Their house, and all its infrastructure – including the latrine – were destroyed. “When we came back here, we couldn’t find the latrine because it had been burnt down, which meant that we had to relieve ourselves outside.” The children were often getting sick.

Tearfund, with support from the DRC Humanitarian Fund, visited Georgine’s town.  After attending one of the awareness meetings, Georgine’s husband said they must rebuild and improve their latrines.

Tearfund provided tools and supplies to improve the water and sanitation facilities, and install hand-washing stations for every home.

 “These will reduce disease in our village,” says Georgine.

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